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 Hand made carbon steel Western and Asian inspired kitchen knives. Pre-made as well as plain and fancy kitchen knives, you can design and commission. Look around the site. Most photos are of work designed by clients. There is a lot to learn, or just contact me to discuss your project and design options.

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5 inch x 3 inch kitchen knife & a 5 inch x 1.5 inch Korean style kitchen knife - For close ups, see other slides. 12.5 inch x 3 inch x OH-1 3/32 inch thick carbon steel kitchen knife & 5 inch x 1.5 inch Korean style kitchen knife Handle make up of 12.5 inch kitchen knife is, from blade to the butt; Copper bolsters on both knives, .039 inch thick white bolster spacers on both ends of a 1/2 inch wide bolster spacer made from 3700 year old stabilized Russian Bog Oak, then handle wood is stabilized Redwood. Copper pins on handle wood. Bottom knife has single white bolster spacer after the copper bolster, black Ebony like handle wood is 3700 year old stabilized reclaimed Russian Bog Oak, with copper pins. Both units have bed spacers (see second photo below on the left). Top kitchen knife has a single white bed spacer and bottom Korean style kitchen knife has red/white bed spacers.