Wood choice for handles of carbon steel kitchen knives, made by blade smith Michael Moses Lishinsky for Wildfire Cutlery

Handle Wood Options

Local hardwoods &  stabilized woods

**I stock local eco-harvested hardwoods. I will sometimes work with ⇒exotic tropical lumber⇐ but encourage everyone to boycott the purchase of expensive rare tropical woods.
So if you want a knife with these woods, I might order some in but reserve the right to offer an alternative or refuse to use it.

Each handle comes with local hardwood and brass bolsters included in the price & all prices are listed on my ⇒ price list.⇐

Light and dark woods now available are as follows:

Light colored woods are Tiger Striped or flamed Maple, Madrone Wood, Hickory & Yew.

maple-chatoyance2Maple wood I am using { click shot to enlarge }

Dark colored woods are stabilized Redwood ($5 per knife) , Black Walnut, English Walnut and Claro Walnut, Manzanita and Mesquite.

Below – stabilized Redwood – click photo to enlarge


Below – an example of some in stock woods. Cruise around my site, especially my Home Page, for other photos.
Woods are from left – 2 Hickory, 2 Black Walnut, 2 Maple, 2 Claro Walnut, 1 Madrone, 2 Yew, and two special order Cocobolo (eco-harvested sustainably from S.E. Mexican finca).


Stabilized wood

If you want stabilized wood, I now offer stabilized Redwood for $ 5.00 to ordering clients. This covers the cost of stabilizing the milled Redwood I mail off to the stabilizing company, plus shipping it back and forth.
Redwood I consider dark wood. If you want a different stabilized dark wood, or a light wood then tell me and I can send you some sensible options. There is a charge if I need to deal with ‘out of the shop wood’. Extra cost to you for using of of the shop wood is $20, plus the full cost of the stabilized wood you choose and shipping cost to me. Contact me for current stabilized wood options.