7 – 12 inch Western Style Kitchen Knives

7 to 12 inch Western Style Kitchen Knives

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July 16  – July 31st, 2015
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* 3 exceptions
Cost of stabilized woods – their cost to me is fixed by seller
(You can get 10% off on the knife part, though)
Kitchen Knives that are Available now (already discounted)
Steak Knives (already discounted)

6 – 2″ x 8″ kitchen knives with special order English Walnut custom made as a gift to grooms at a wedding. Each knife cost $119 plus s/h.
9 and 8 x 2.5 inch kitchen knife gift set. Walnut and Maple wood. Prices are as marked on the Price List. 
8 x 2 inch & 5 x 1.5 inch kitchen knife set. Wood on top is Madrone and then Walnut wood.
Spacers array on top is extra fancy, with brass and then a triple spacer sandwich with black center and stabilized Oak on either end.
Carbon steel, brass bolsters. 
9 x 2.5 inch kitchen knife with double brass bolsters ($40 over cost of knife- see price list) . Claro Walnut, brass bolsters, carbon steel.
1 x 4 inch & 7 x 2.5" kitchen knife set. Claro Walnut wood handles have triple spacer bolster arrays, with black ,034 center 
and stabilized Maple on either end. Carbon steel, brass bolsters. 
Extra fancy, walnut, 8" x 2.5".
9  x 2.5 inch kitchen knife, with Walnut wood handle and extra fancy upgrade ( $55.00 above cost of kitchen knife) . Brass and green dyed stabilized box elder burl wood in the upgrade. Carbon steel, brass bolster.
Walnut, b/r/b spacers, 9" x 2.5"
10 x 2.5 inch kitchen knife with 1/8 inch black/red/black bolsters spacer upgrade ( $35.00 over cost of kitchen knife) .  Wood is ancient walnut wood harvest from a stump in Arizona. 
Yew wood, spacers, 9" x 2.5"
9 x 2.5 inch kitchen knife, with Yew Wood handle and a triple bolster spacer upgrade.  Carbon steel and brass bolsters. 
8" x 2,5", double brass, walnut.
8 x 2.5 and 1 x 4 inch kitchen knife set. Walnut wood and double brass bolsters on top.
8" x 2.5", spacers, stabilized Maple.
9 x 2.5 inch kitchen knife with stabilized Maple burl wood handle and b/w bolster spacer array. 
8 x 2.5 inch and 1.25 x 5 inch kitchen knife set. Walnut wood and extra fancy upgrades on each. Brass bolsters, carbon steel. 

 You can design your kitchen knives with or without my guidance. Many options to choose from such as:
wood on the handle, size of blade, thickness of blade, many kinds and sizes of add-on’s or extras
on the handle.  You can also buy kitchen knives in stock.
All made in my shop, out of high carbon steel, in the USA, full time since 1980.

2 to 3 inches wide, .062″ or 1/16″ thick 1084 high carbon tool steel.
12″ long kitchen knives, are made from 3/32nd” thick, 1095 high carbon tool steel.
If you want a kitchen knife with thicker steel, just drop me a note.
Carbon steel knife prices includes brass bolsters, →wood of your choice← and full tang. Add-on’s usually cost extra.

Prices below appear on price list also.
• 7” x 2.5” – $ 119

• 8” x 2.5” – $ 129
• 9 x 2.5” – $ 138
• 10 x 2.5”- $ 145
Prices below include cost of thicker steel
• 12” x 2” x 3/32″ 0-1 tool steel– $ 175 

• 12” x 2.5 x 3/32″ 0-1 tool steel– $ 190 
• 12” x 3” x 3/32″ 0-1 tool steel– $ 199  

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