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Michael Moses Lishinsky, blade smith, for
Wildfire Cutlery
Full time for 40 years

As of February 26th, 2021, I am open for business and producing daily to
be delivered after
Xmas 2020. Items on my page called “In Stock Now” ⇐ , click.

Please get in touch ⇒ Contact ⇐ for design planning, commission completion dates,
and costs to produce what you liked in a photo you saw. Leave your phone number if you’d like me to call you.

I am a full-time maker of  hand made high carbon steel Western and Asian inspired kitchen knives, unique to myself. Most of my time is spent on commission work, but when I have time, I make kitchen knives to my own designs and techniques, and  ⇒list them on my kitchen knives in stock page⇐

Using my masters degree in individualized education in combination with my skills as a blade smith, I can create unique collaborative one of a kind pieces for clients folks from all around the world.
I have collaborated on design concepts and then created work for and with chefs and corporations such as Gant Rugger, fine Michelin starred restaurants in San Francisco such as Birdsong & Atelier Crenn, Burnt Ends In Singapore and many others. You can see the results on my steak knife page slide shows by CLICKING HERE. ⇐
For Gant, I collaborated with Chris Bast { their in house genius design guru }, to design and make 150 – 2″ x 8″ kitchen knives for distributing free to the press and others during their fashion shows in New York and Paris. They were shipped to Stockholm where they were laser etched w/ Gant’s name and logo, and then each was matched with a custom box.
For media articles about this collaboration, see this PAGE, at the bottom.
See photo below of final results. Click to enlarge…⇓

I really enjoy the process of collaboration and offer this design process free to any and all interested clients for one piece of a larger commission.
You can read and absorb this whole site or just  contact me ⇐with your ideas and we can easily hash out a design plan and cost for your custom kitchen knife (knives).
Please do cruise around my pages &  slide shows, using the menu above and let me know if you see something you like.
How Michael Lishinsky’s kitchen knives are made in detail – all the details ⇒ see HERE⇐.

10 piece collaboration – a very fancy custom designed steak knife set with Maple box. – 2020

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Various items I have made 2018 – 2019, as a slide show.

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