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Guarantee in two parts

Part I

Satisfaction guarantee

I am committed to working with clients on the design and details of an order in a timely and polite manner. All communication will always be straight, clear and honest from our end, and always summed up in an e-mail soon after a design conference by phone or e-mail.  The follow up recap email is done so that both the client and I are as clear as can be on what the client wants in all details of the design of their commission. Clarity always is best on both ends to help in the ‘satisfaction factor’ in the end. Both of us will always be clear about all the details before I send an invoice.

I am well trained in this process of ‘collaboration’ as I have a masters degree in individualized education and have years and years experience at working with clients of all ages and designing/making kitchen knives. Make no mistake, this is what I do and I enjoy the process of design collaboration almost as much as carrying out the design. It is all part of the process.

Basically, my guarantee covers what you buy from the day you receive it (delivery date as published by USPS tracking info web page), for 7 days from that date.
If you need more time than this, just write or call me and explain. To see this page, click tracking number we sent you in an email when we told you we were shipping your package. Each package has it’s own page.

We feel your either satisfied or not within that time, but circumstances sometimes affect this time limit and we are always amenable to working with you. If, in that time, your not satisfied simply due to taste, contact me by phone or e-mail and I will take the work back. If I can re-finish it for resale fairly quickly, then there is no charge and you will be issued a refund promptly upon us receiving the item back.
We do not refund postage paid for the knife (knives) that was sent to you.
We will charge up to 25% of total sale cost, if we determine that the knife was abused and comes back thrashed.

It is the buyers responsibility  to cover the postage of the package sent back to me, and it is the buyers responsibility as well, to insure the package against loss if you choose to, as we have not and will not cover any loss by you with your shipper.

We refund only to the original buyer, the person who paid for the item, only.

Lastly, make sure that your box is shipped like it was shipped to you originally. Protect the tip from puncturing the side of the box and possibly injuring someone or the knife, and either wrap the blade with newspaper and tape or make a cardboard sleeve to slip over the blade, and tape it to the handle. Any knife received that is sticking out of the box or damaged in shipping will void this guarantee.

Part II

Lifetime ownership coverage for workmanship

All workmanship is unconditionally guaranteed from flaws for the life of any piece.
If there is a problem with a piece after the satisfaction guaranteed period: then please contact me and we can come up with a plan. It may be possible to repair the piece in your home, and I can help with that. Most repairs are easy to fix and I am happy to walk you through it.
But you have to be willing and slightly handy. Contact me and we can talk about it. it is part of my job.
If not, then…
Once I receive the piece here, there are a few scenarios which may come into play.
As long as the knife construction is faulty, I will pay for shipping it back to me and replace or do a free fix or replace right away.
If your knife needs re-conditioning due to anything other than workmanship, I will always offer a very reasonable estimate for repair. Any questions about this .