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Paying for an orderanimated-butterfly4

You can write me an e-mail, (email me for mailing address ⇒ ) with what you want and your zip code for ship cost. Most often people send me a photo of my past work, or describe in as much details as one can muster, what they want. Even just how long of a knife is enough to start our process. Ideally, we can talk on the phone while we are both in front of a computer, or e-mail back and forth works also.

Soon after it seems like a break point , I will follow up with an e-mail going over all the details of a possible order we discussed – sizes, handle design, woods, timing, etc. If you want to change something – no problem, I can reply with any options for changes you wanted. Your welcome to change anything or write me back and say O.K. that sounds fine.
Once we both are satisfied with a game plan for design and cost, I will then send you a Pay Pal invoice to pay. All work is pre-paid.

Pay Pal processes my orders and has for many years. One does not need a Pay Pal account to pay with Pay Pal. You just pay with your credit card through Pay Pal. There are no fees for you at all. I believe all they ask for is your zip code. You can view this short simple 2:35 minute video, which explains process of paying a Pay Pal invoice without a Pay Pal account, →HERE←.  If for whatever reason, you do not have a Pay Pal account, nor do you wish to use your credit card to pay without a Pay Pal account, you can e-mail me , and I will get back in touch with you, pronto. Make sure to let me know what you want, exactly. I will write you back a total with a breakdown & I will forward a customized invoice. Then to pay, you can send a check, USPS money order, or cash via snail mail for the full amount, made to Michael Lishinsky.

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