Thai style Cleaver & Yasai Bocho

Thai Cleaver and Yasai Bocho

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Current Prices Thai Cleaver
2.5″ x 8″ – $ 139
made from .062 ( 1/16″ ) thick 1084 high carbon tool steel

3″ x 8″ – $ 185
made from either 5/64″ or 3/32nd” 1095 high carbon tool steel – your choice.

Current Price for Yasai Bocho (small cleaver)
6.5″ x 2″ – $ 128
made from .062 thick 1084 high carbon tool steel

      My original Thai Cleaver was brought to me to be copied in 1986, at a show in San Francisco. It had been custom made in Bangkok in the mid-fifties, and was really worn out.  I was commissioned to replace it, keeping  in mind that it was used mainly as an Asian style chef’s knife and secondarily, as a chopping cleaver. The final results were so good that I decided to keep on with it, and offer it to our customers. Since then, it has become one of our best sellers. The blades are either 2.5 or 3 inches wide. They are 8 inches long. I have made them longer and can make you one also. 

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Bottom: Yasai Bocho, Walnut, Bog Oak/sterling spacers.
Yasai Bocho, 2" x 6.25", Rosewood
Top: 3" Cleaver, Walnut , b/w spacer array.
Top: 3" Cleaver, Bubinga , b/r/b spacer array.
3" x 8" Cleaver, Stabilized Dyed Maple, b/w spacers, Asain style handle.
Extra Fancy, Walnut, 3" x 8" Cleaver.
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Here is a treat for the eyes – See videos below showing traditional Chinese style country cooking and cleaver usage.
Beautifully shot and done – no English so titles below are only a guess. Cleaver looks very heavy, so cook is either super human or
these were very tightly edited. If you know who did these or credits, send along please.

1 – Smoking Pork and making sausage                                                       2 – making chili paste
3 – Rustic Ramen from scratch                                                               4 – Mung Bean sprots


5 – Making a clay oven and baking bread

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