Handle add-on options including bolsters and bed spacers, double bolsters and many other ways to ‘fancy up’ a knife handle


Handle Add-On Options


My new ‘default’ handle style which started in 2017 is shown in photo below.
I dropped the three brass through and through pins and now just use the
company chop. If you want the pin, you will need to ask for them.

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Handle add-on description - contact me to clarify
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4th down, 10" x 2.5", extra fancy, Koa wood.
Hankotsu, double brass, Black Walnut.
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Add-on’s are materials added to a basic handle that adds to it’s uniqueness, as well as it’s final price.
Wildfire Cutlery offers clients the basic carbon steel kitchen knife, with brass bolsters and in stock hardwood handles.
Add-on’s add to the cost of this basic price, with different materials and techniques. See most of these choices below.

Bolsters are metal and are between the blade and the wood, to protect the wood’s end grain from absorbing water.
I use metal bolsters of brass, copper, stainless all 3/8″ x 3/4″.

Please refer to slide show above for pictorial examples to help understand or contact me.

Bolster Prices – see first slide above

Single brass bolsters – cost included in prices on price list.
Double brass bolsters cost $ 25.00 extra.

Single copper or stainless bolsters – add $25.00.
Double copper or stainless bolsters add $50.00.

Bolster spacers are between the brass (or copper/stainless) bolsters and the wood.
I stock 2 thicknesses of bolster spacer material – 1/8″ and .031 thick.

Cost of bolster spacers, of either 1/8″ thick or .031 or combinations See slide show above for examples
of different clients designs.

In 1/8″ thick I have red, black and white.
1 insert for $ 20
2 inserts for $ 30
3 inserts for $ 40
4  inserts for $ 60

Bed spacers are strictly .031 thick only.  See second slide above.
I have red, black, white and green.

1 spacer – $25.00 per knife
2 spacers – $ 32.00
3 spacers $45.00

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