Thai style Cleaver & Yasai Bocho

Thai Cleaver and Yasai Bocho

Current prices shown below, are only for my most popular sellers. There are simply to many custom sizes and kitchen knives with ‘add-on’s, to list here by price, so if you would like a size not listed below, then please ⇒ CLICK HERE ⇐ and send me the details. Best way is to look at slides and if you see something you want, let me know.
I will be happy to send back a quote, pronto. Please include your zip code if you care to, for exact cost to ship the item to you via USPS Priority shipping.

All prices below are pieces made with brass bolsters and your choice of any hardwood I have in stock. Add-on’s, like grilled onions on a burger, cost extra.
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Current Prices Thai Cleaver
2.5″ x 8″ – $ 138
made from .062 ( 1/16″ ) thick 1084 high carbon tool steel
3″ x 8″ – $ 178
made from either 5/64″ or 3/32nd” 1095 high carbon tool steel – your choice.

Current Price for Yasai Bocho (small cleaver)
6.5″ x 2″ – $ 121
made from .062 thick 1084 high carbon tool steel

      My original Thai Cleaver was brought to me to be copied in 1986, at a show in San Francisco. It had been custom made in Bangkok in the mid-fifties, and was really worn out.  I was commissioned to replace it, keeping  in mind that it was used mainly as an Asian style chef’s knife and secondarily, as a chopping cleaver. The final results were so good that I decided to keep on with it, and offer it to our customers. Since then, it has become one of our best sellers. The blades are either 2.5 or 3 inches wide. They are 8 inches long. I have made them longer and can make you one also. 

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Bottom: Yasai Bocho, Walnut, Bog Oak/sterling spacers.
Yasai Bocho, 2" x 6.25", Rosewood
Top: 3" Cleaver, Walnut , b/w spacer array.
Top: 3" Cleaver, Bubinga , b/r/b spacer array.
3" Cleaver, Rosewood, b/w spacers, Asain style handle.
3" x 8" Cleaver, Stabilized Dyed Maple, b/w spacers, Asain style handle.
Extra Fancy, Walnut, 3" x 8" Cleaver.
Gift set presented to two revered chefs in Singapore. - A pair of western style Cleavers. 3/32" thick O-1 tool steel, b/w spacer, Mango and Koa wood
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