Knife storage/carrying options – soft and hard cases for your kitchen or a gift

Knife storage/carrying options
Soft and hard options for your kitchen or offer as a gift

Below find two photos of a soft knife roll up – offered by Hense thru Amazon. I do not sell these.
Top foto is unit rolled up, bottom open.

The unit below will house any of my work except 12″ kitchen knives.
It is choice C, on my recommendations just below.

My 4 recommendations below are;

A – Roll up to house a ‘Carving Set’~  Perfect size to house my 14″ tall Carving Sets, for $17 w/ free shipping⇒ click here

B – ‘Steak Knife Set’ roll up can house up to 8 steak knives, which has a zipper and handle $15 + free shipping ⇒ click here

C – (see photo above) For any kitchen knife up to 10″ long, up to 8 steak knives or a knife and fork set, $21 + free shipping ⇒click here

D Another roll up that will fit any of my work including 12 incher’s and steak knives ⇒ click here

Other soft storage ideas:

1 – Portable Leather Chef’s Knife Roll Bag Waterproof Multi-function with 5 Slots  –  click HERE

2 – Waterproof Waxed Canvas Chef’s Knife Roll Pouch Storage Bag With 14 Pockets – click here 

3 – 4 Pocket Chef’s Knife Roll Bag Cutlery Knives Wallet  click here

4 – A Chef’s Knife Roll Bag – 4 slots – click here

5 – Blue Portable Chef’s Roll Bag, 6 Slots – click here

6- Black Cordura zipped case – click here

Hard Storage Ideas – for your kitchen or as a gift (with my knives of course)

1- Bamboo Magnetic counter top unit – click here

2 – Bamboo in-drawer storageclick here


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