Handle add-on price list


Handle add-on’s, and their prices

Prices of knives w/o add-on’s – HERE
Any add-on prices below are added to the cost of the knife

A bolster is between the blade and the handle wood and protects the handle wood from absorbing water from the end grain of the handle wood. Water will be soaked up like a sponge without protection. I use metal – brass, copper, stainless.
I use either brass or copper bolsters (3/4″ x 3/8″) , which are pinned/rivets and glued onto the blade steel.

Copper or brass bolsters – copper bolsters cost $20 per knife above cost on the price list.
Brass bolsters are included in the price of any kitchen knife.

Stainless bolsters – $45.00 per knife. These are secured usually with nickel silver pins or stainless pins. Cost is so high as stainless is rock hard and must be sanded before adding wood handles and spacers- adds. I can also use brass pins which will contrast with silver stainless.

1wer_0⇐Left: click to enlarge – one example of bolster spacers.

Bolster spacers are between the brass bolsters and the wood.
I stock 2 thicknesses of bolster material – 1/8″ and .031 thick along with various thicknesses of stabilized burled hard wood.

1/8″ bolster spacers come in red, black and white.
.031 vulcanized spacer materials come in red, black, white and green.

Cost of bolster spacers, of either 1/8″ thick or .030 or combinations –
1 insert for $20.00
2 inserts for $30.00
3 inserts for $40.00
4  inserts for $60.00

Below: green/red/green triple bolster spacer add-on, .031″ thick. Click to enlarge

Stabilized wood

If you want stabilized wood, I now offer stabilized Redwood for $5.00 to ordering clients. This charge covers cost of shipping and stabilizing my Redwood at a company in Arizona that does this.  I consider Redwood a dark wood. If you want a different stabilized dark wood, or a light wood then tell me and I can send you some sensible options. There is a charge if I need to deal with ‘out of the shop wood’. Extra cost to you for using of of the shop wood is $20, plus the full cost of the stabilized wood you choose and shipping cost to me.

Bed spacers (see fotos below) are strictly .031 thick only. I have black, red, green or white in stock, but there are some other colors that can be ordered, if they exist. Just ask and we can see if I can order it.

Bed spacers run horizontally below the wood, your choice of colors:

1 spacer – $25.00 per knife
2 spacers – $32.00
3 spacers – $45.00

Bottom left – Red/white bed spacers. White bolster spacer, copper bolsters.
Below right – Bed spacer, .031 black/white array with Yew wood & there is also Cocobolo and nickel silver bolster spacers.

close up bed spacers_0102handleth1




Double Brass or double copper bolsters

$45 per knife (see set below – click photos for closer look)


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