Wood choice for the handles of my carbon steel kitchen knives

Handle Wood Options

Local hardwoods &  stabilized woods

I stock local eco – harvested hardwoods. I will sometimes work with ⇒exotic tropical lumber⇐ but encourage everyone to boycott the purchase of expensive rare tropical woods.
So if you want a knife with these woods, I might order some in but reserve the right to offer an alternative or refuse to use it.

Note: photos show some woods that I used in the past, which either might not be available anymore, or might be unique and hard to match. 

Light and dark woods now available are as follows:

Light colored woods are Tiger Striped or flamed Maple, Hickory, Yew, Ash and Bamboo.

maple-chatoyance2Maple wood I am using { click shot to enlarge }

Dark colored woods are stabilized Redwood {cost $20.00 per knife for ordering clients only.}
To compare, Google stabilized Redwood. Cost is usually more than double what I charge.
Click photo below to see Redwood I am now using. It was harvested off of a giganto ancient stump – 4″ x 8′
x 6′. 

Raw dark woods ~ Black Walnut, English Walnut and Claro Walnut, Manzanita and Mesquite.

I sometimes will order into my shop raw and stabilized wood when a client want it. I only work with wood suppliers who show what they are selling. I never order from anyone who who posts a photo and says what they sell is represented by the photo. It never works out. If you want raw or stabilized wood for your order, ask me for details and options. I sometimes charge $20 depending on how much work it will take to make this wood ready for a knife handle.

Below- stabilized Redwood on 5″ steak knives – click photo to enlarge

Below top down; Madrone, Maple, Hickory, Maple and Black Walnut. Current woods as of March 2017.

Below – an example of some in stock woods. Cruise around my site, especially my Home Page, for other photos.
Woods are from left – 2 Hickory, 2 Black Walnut, 2 Maple, 2 Claro Walnut, 1 Madrone, 2 Yew, and two special order Cocobolo (eco-harvested sustainably from S.E. Mexican finca).



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