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Wood choices for my in house kitchen knives

I am currently out of in-house stabilized Redwood. My supply lasted years, but alas, it is now gone.
This had provided clients with very affordable stabilized gorgeous wood for their commissions.
Now what I do is, if you want that super figured stabilized or raw wood, to look through my sources
web sites for what you like. We can then order it in. For an example, see Santoku page, viewing the 8 Santoku’s using stabilized Madrone or look at middle slide show on my steak knife page at the stabilized Maple we ordered in.

Below- see 2 photo, of 20 piece steak knife set made in 12/23. It shows 10 in house woods and 10 stabilized handle woods order in from Bitterroot Handle Works. Click each to enlarge. See full description on my Home page.

Note: Some photos show some woods that I used in the past, which either might not be available anymore, or might be unique and hard to match. For example, there are many photos of the stabilized Redwood I once stocked, which I am now out of. But, when available, I can order it in. Just ask.

Below, Left to R – Ash, Stabilized Redwood (out of stock) , flamed Sugar Maple,
Padauk, Tiger striped Black Walnut & Manzanita (out of stock).
⇓ Click below image to enlarge

⇐I stock local eco – harvested hardwoods. I will sometimes will work with ⇒exotic tropical lumber⇐ but encourage everyone to boycott the purchase of expensive rare tropical woods as they are endangered and sometimes illegally harvested.
So if you want a knife with these woods, I might order some in but reserve the right to offer an alternative or refuse to use it. Everyone can help the environment by being careful where we spend our money.

Light Colored Raw wood
Light and dark woods now available are as follows:

Light colored woods are Tiger Striped or flamed Maple, Quilted Maple( see set below), some Cherry,
Hickory, Yew, figured Ash and Bamboo.

⇓Quilted Maple wood I am using ⇓ { click shot below to enlarge }

Raw (NON-STABILIZED) dark woods ~ Black Walnut, English Walnut and Claro Walnut.
I  can order into my shop raw and stabilized wood when a client wants it. I only work with wood suppliers who show in photos, what they are selling. I never order from anyone who posts a photo that says “photo is representative of wood sold”. This rarely if ever ever works out.
If you want raw or stabilized wood for your order that I do not have in shop, we can work together to get what you want.
I will send you options with prices. ⇒ Email me with your ideas.
I sometimes charge $20 depending on how much work it will take to make this wood ready for a knife handle. For example, if we order a piece of wood that needs milling, you will need to absorb extra cost to make this happen which will depends on many factors.