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Shipping details ~ USPS Priority shipping

What with the realignment of the postal services, prices have gone up day to day.
I would have preferred to say this price for this many kitchen knives, but that model
does not work anymore. However, if I know what you want I can get pretty close to the
weight of final shipment, and with your zip code, can come up with a firm charge to ship.
My handling fee is still after all these years, $3.50 to domestic addresses.

Want to ship a kitchen knife ? See this u-tube video at 2:40. Click HERE
You can use this same technique to ship a knife using twist ties or pipe cleaners.
See photo below (middle unit) to see where to punch your holes.
See either side of the brass bolster ? Good idea as well to add a cork on the tip.
The closer to the bolster you punch your hole, the less wiggle.

⇒ drop me a line with your zip code ⇐ and I will send you back exactly what it will cost to ship your order.
As of 1/10/2022, ship times seem normal.

Shipping Information
Your order will be shipped out through the U.S. post office via priority mails or first class.
In the USA, it could take 2 – 3 days for it to arrive. I will ship Regional, if that is cheaper and available.
If you do not care about time, First Class is always cheaper as long as package is below weight limit of 15.99 oz. 

I charge $3.50 handling for orders shipped in USA, and $5.00 usd, for overseas orders.
Each knife weighs less that one pound but must be rounded up to nearest pound, plus one pound per
package for the box and wrapping. One knife = 2#, 2 knives = 3#. Over 4 knives goes flat rate.

Never let postal carrier leave your box in front of an empty house or apartment.
Have neighbor accept your box or it may be best, if no one can personally accept the package, to have it shipped to the nearest
post office.
The USPS carrier will leave you a notice in your mail box, telling you it can be picked up at local post office.
Bring that notice and I.D.
To get my zip code and shipping address, email me ~ click here

Overseas deliveries
are sent via U.S. Postal Service called Priority Mail International or First Class. You can see cost by going through this site, and I will give you the information here. →See link here. ←   

Shipping to U.K. , using US post office – send zip code and I can figure out options depending on your order
Much depends on weight and size of the box. Priority Mail International is fastest to arrive at 7-10 days.
First class cannot be insured, is slower at around 14-17 days and of course, is way cheaper.

I recommend First class for one knife, unless it’s Christmas time or if time is a factor.

The boxes I use shown below as well as Priority box and I also use a regional A or B box, whose service is available in many places.

for all longer knives, is a three sided mailing tube. Each box has newspaper on either end and the work always has a cork on the tip for protection, and is wrapped in newspaper and then taped for safety.

images.duckduckgo.comSee dimensions below, below.

Package Dimensions to Europe – tube
Length is 26″

Height is 6″

Width is 6″

Girth is 38″

Included in the package, is the work wrapped in many layers of newspaper to protect the edge, and a recycled half-cork on the tip of each piece that is taped on. Make sure to remove the cork when the item arrives, as after a few weeks acidic tannins from the wine may etch the tip.

Your package of knives will be secured with clear packing tape. Slice the packing tape and slowly unravel newspaper, while standing over a table. Please do this slowly and carefully. There will be a legal sized envelope with a copy of the order I printed out, which we use as a packing slip. If you ordered a custom knife, there will most likely be a customized receipt reflecting that unique product that was previously sent to you.
We sincerely wish you many years of quality service from my hand made in the USA products, using them in good health and prosperity, for you and your family.