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Handle width

Lay knife down flat, measure length of handle and then width in two places.

This page is for people who know that the handle profile of their favorite knife is key for them, as far as comfort goes. The photo above (using Cherry Wood) show 3 measurements which you can send me so I can copy YOUR handle profile. Lay knife flat on a table and use any measuring device at hand. Length, and 2 points across the width of the handle should do it. Also include anything else you want customized on your handle. 
Note please: I do not work with a micrometer, just by trained eye, but I will try and match as close as I can to what you request. This usually goes for extremes; for example you have massive hands and want a handle to match or the other extreme being your hands are on the smaller size and want a smaller profile knife handle. One fellow in North Carolina with severe arthritis in his fingers and could not make a fist. I made a couple knives for him whose handles were palm sized, with riveted velcro straps. He velcroed them to his palm for a secure cross fit and he was then able to help prep dinner. He wound up getting a full set, over time. I love to work with individuals, and can make the size you request. Please remember, there are always exceptions to the rule. People of smaller stature sometimes are used to 10″ blades and visa-versa.