Boning Knives ~ Carbon steel scimitar curved

Boning Knives


Current prices shown below, are only for my most popular sellers. There are simply to many custom sizes & handle configuration, to list here, so if you would like a size or configuration not listed below, then please ⇒ CLICK HERE ⇐ and email me the details. I will be happy to send back a quote, pronto. Please include your zip code if you care to, for exact cost to ship the item to you via USPS Priority shipping. See slideshow below for some custom sizes and shapes clients have designed.

All prices below are kitchen knives made with carbon steel,
with brass bolsters and your choice of any hardwood I have in stock.
⇒ See wood choices page HERE ⇐
⇒ Full prices list HERE ⇐

Current Prices Boning Knives

6” x 1.5” – $ 128

12” x 2.5” – $ 205

12″ above is made from 3/32nd inch thick 1095 tool steel

I also make an Asian inspired version of a Boning Knife I called a Hankotsu ⇐ see here.

     Traditionally, boning knives have been used to butcher animals, that were either hanging, on the ground or a table. They generally had a bold sweep to their edge, which allowed one to make short slices with the curved tip along the seam between the hide and then fascia.
I have taken the best aspects of traditional designs and included them in my boning knives. I have mostly been asked to create long and short boning knives, but I can make one of any length that you like, or of thicker steel.
I use strictly high carbon tool steel, that is 1/16″ thick. Notice my company chop in the butt of the handle. It is composed of 1/4″ aluminum tube filled with 4 – 1/16th” brass rods inside a square tube of brass and aluminum outside, all is filled with red dyed epoxy that is injected. At the center in the middle of those rods (at the center of this 12″ long tube), is a slice of lions hair piano wire. The tube is made in 12″ sections and sliced. The other rivets are 1/8″ brass road glued right through the full-tanged handle and pressed in at a slight bias.

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