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Carving Knife & Fork Sets

⇓ Please see slide show at the bottom of this page ⇓

 7″ carving knife is 12.5″ length overall {handle and blade}, 9″ carving knife is 14.5″ overall. Fork is 14″ length.
Over the years I have used two different forks (I would refer you to the slideshows at the bottom of this page),
both stainless. If you have a preference, let me know and I will try my best to accommodate, depending on availability. Carving knives can be made of any shape and size – just ask.  For prices see this page HERE.

Questions about design or cost, then please ⇒ CLICK HERE ⇐ and send me the details.
I will be happy to send back a reply, pronto.
To help process along, review slide shows looking at handle designs and blade shapes.
Please include your zip code for exact cost to ship the item to you via USPS Priority shipping.

Hard boxes for these pieces can be ordered from my friend cabinet maker Jens Sehm (click here to see steak knife page, under sliders).
You can also buy a ‘soft case’. We recommend one from ⇒ Amazon – click here ⇐.
This roll is attractive, the perfect size and looks good with handle made knives. Scroll down page for other options.

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Big Leaf Maple wood handles - all w/ green/red/green .031" triple bolster spacers
Fancy set with Carving set
Extra fancy carving set. See home page slider for photo of full set
9" x 2.5" Carving Knife and Stainless Steel Fork
9" carving knife and stainless fork. ~
Knife and Fork Carving Set ~ for sale now
9" x 2.5" Carving Knife Set, with scimitar shaped blade
Knife and Carving Set ~ stabilized Redwood, triple bolster spacer
9" x 2" Carving Set, w/ 5 - 8" x 2.5" kitchen knives - Xmas 2015
Carving set on the right - see close up next slide.
see previous slide for full description
Kitchen knife set & a Carving Knife Set
Steak, kitchen and Carving Knife sets.
Yew wood carving set w/ double bolster spacers
7" x 2" carving knife and stainless fork Carving set.
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