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Client Reviews

These are unsolicited comments, sent via e-mail and then copy/pasted here, as they were sent, since I think around 2002. I have not entered one comment written by me.
I grow as an artisan, as long as I am willing to listen to both compliments and well intentioned suggestions/comments on how to improve my service and the quality of my kitchen knives. I would have preferred to put the full names of everyone who  sent a comment, but that may betray their privacy, which I will not do. MML

Rebuilt fish spatula w/ broken handle, that had been passed down. Husband N surprised wife A, w/ newly handled spat. 7/20/2019

Dear Michael,
I just got the spatula my husband asked you to make using the blade of the old one that belonged to my mother, and wanted to thank you so much!  I had no idea N had come up with the idea — the surprise was complete.  I especially appreciate the beautiful work that you did since I know how crazy my attachment to that old one must seem…

All the best, A


Dear Michael,

I wanted to thank you again for doing such a wonderful job for A’s spatula– the combination of copper rivets, the substantial metal handle and the beautiful walnut work so well together! Thank you for putting so much thought into this small project. It means a lot to both of us! Best,  N

From Kevin S. – 3/30/2018
They look beautiful and are so perfectly balanced. Better work than I could have hoped for! Thank you so much! Live well! 


From Robin G. – 3/10/2019

Hello – just wanted to say thanks for the scraper and that I love the knife, it’s beautiful and what knife dreams are made of. Hope all is well. 


From Andrew – 11/26/2018


Thank you for the beautiful knife.  I will order more after the new year.  Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship!!

Andy R

From Tom B. – 10/19/2018

Thanks. Always great doing business with you. I use at least one of my two Wildfire knives every day and love them. They’re the sort of object one cherishes and pass on to worthy heirs.  Tom

From Chef Annette – 6/12/2018

I am so very happy with my second WC knife!! Thank you for your artistry that allows me to do my catering job.


From Richard – 1/3/2018

Happy New Year! Hope you had a suitable celebration?
My knife arrived safe and sound today! it is sensational – Thank you!
I’ll be in touch when ready to start on the next one:)

received – May 29th, 2017 (client designed set made in 2016)
Michael Moses,
My son loved the knives you made for him this year.  Here they are with the previous ones you’ve made.  It’s quite a collection!
Many thanks, D.H.
click to enlarge





Michael, I received my chef knife yesterday evening and all I can say is that it is just about perfect. You nailed the size of the handle, the fit and finish is gorgeous. I am very satisfied with this purchase and it will not be my last. Thanks again, Ernie.

(note- Bob is the genius who designed this set on home page using sterling silver bolsters)
Hi Michael,

I hope all is well with you and yours.

I carved a prime rib a couple weeks ago with the japanese slicer, and I sliced a slow-roasted brisket tonight with the long slicer.

Those are some serious tools and a real joy to use. The long slicer cut through the brisket like it was soft butter. Cross-grain, 1/4″ thick slices one after another zip-zip-done.
Thank you ever so much!    BOB
bob 2 b_3




Hi Michael,

I’ve been out of town the last couple days, and returned to find the knives waiting for me. They look great! I can’t wait to try them out!  Thank you again for all the correspondence throughout the process, this was probably the easiest custom order of anything I’ve ever made.

Cheers,  Robert

Michael, the knives are gorgeous! Thank you! I didn’t get my act together in time to send a note (that was a great idea), but I am so pleased with the knives that I am not going to worry about it. I really appreciate you finishing them up before turning your attention to the magazine coverage. I hope all goes well in that regard and that it favorably influences your business. Love your knives, will be in touch again some time in the future.

Wishing you and yours all the best, Neal

The knives just arrived and they are absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to put them to use.

Thanks, Stu


Only me again to let you know I collected our package today from the post office.

The knife is beautiful, thank you.  Nicely balanced and very comfortable to use, using it now to prepare our dinner.

Thank you for such a great service too.

Regards, Debra

July 2016  ~ Just in from J.Z. who kindly sent this along with a fantastic photo:

I continue to use and appreciate your fine knives.

All the best,


Knives are dyed stabilized Box Elder Burl wood with carbon steel & brass bolsters.
click to enlarge

denmark, Nete's gift 2015


I got a note from Denmark, from Mikael, about a gift for his good friend as a xmas thank you gesture. 8 and 9 inch kitchen knives with Maple wood and triple bolster spacer ‘sandwich’ using Cocobolo.
Feedback from them both below.




Hi Michael

Just wanted to let you know that the knives arrived before Christmas and that Nete was extremely happy for them. She has bought a magnetic plate so she can admire them every day when she just passes her kitchen. And since she is a farmer, the kitchen is the main room.  I am very happy for your work too. I was proud to give her something handcrafted by a man who works with his heart. Thank you very much for your effort.    Br, Mikael

& from recipient of the gift .

Dear Michael Thank you for your care for my two knives have become so beautiful. I am sending you a photo of them from the wall in my kitchen. They are fantastic and I am very happy for them. Thank you – and a very good New Year to you from the cold Denmark and my farm
Br Nete

xmas 2015 feedback:

Dear Knife Maker Lishinsky, Thank you for making the beautiful kitchen knife my son in law (JD Got…..) and daughter (Lela Pra….) ordered for Christmas for me. As usual, you have made a wonderful knife, one I will use and enjoy for years. All the best to you and your family. Happy New Year 2016. Cheers, Joanne Pra….

Hello Michael,

I hope all is well with you, your family, and Wildfire.  A year go, in August 2013, I bought three knives from you…a paring, a chef’s, and I think what is called a Yasai Bocho knife.
This is by way of a thank-you — I love the knives — love using them, looking after them, and overall appreciating them.  I have followed your ‘care & maintenance’ suggestions, including the use of the specific sharpener, and all of those have and are contributing well!
Best wishes, Simon (from U.K.)

Today was the first day I’ve had a decent roast in the house since I bought the carver set.

Both pieces performed wonderfully on a 6 lb standing rib roast (aka prime rib.) Last week my plans went awry when I discovered the pork roast I bought is the kind one just pulls apart with a fork. (It was delicious but not the opportunity to use the carver that I had hoped.) And the week before that, the store was out of the roast I ordered. I’ve actually used all my knives multiple times now, but today was my first opportunity with the fork.  Thank you! They are works of art both aesthetic and functional. Bob B.
Below- Cocobolo, Malachite, sterling silver bolsters, 3000 year old reclaimed stabilized Bog Oak spacers in knife and fork set (black).


Cocobolo, Malachite, sterling silver.

Sir,  Just a line to let you know that my knives have just arrived and I couldn’t be happier.  Now all I have to do is keep them as sharp as they currently are.

Thank you again I will be in touch soon with an additional order.
Don Kolman

Hi Mike,  The knives arrived today. They’re beautiful and my husband couldn’t be more pleased. If you ever need a recommendation, just let us know!

Thanks so much, Lois

August – 2011 – Meanwhile in Australia

Michael – Just got my knives other today and WOW!! these are great, these knives just feel so natural, i love knives that feel like they are doing all the cutting and you just guide them in the right direction, but these you feel like your trying to catch up with them, your really just hangin on for the ride!! the wood on the handels is so nice and the australian ironbark, awsome. i will give you a more detailed run down in a few months after i get to sharpen them a few times but in my industrie first impressions are everything and your knives really hit the mark with me. Thanks once again i cant convey what a pleasure its been, and i will let you know in a couple of months how they are.

Cheers Buddy have a beer for me top work.
Shaun H. from the land down under aka, the Chef on a Journey.


Above: This was a set I made for Shaun, with Australian Ironwood which he mailed to me. It reminded me of Bamboo.

Michael, Thanks. I received the knives on monday, and have enjoyed using them this thanksgiving week.

The width of the knife was a welcome change from my old knives, and reminds me of the days when I used to use a Chinese cleaver with its scooping abilities. As I pinch/choke my knife, the thinner blade took a little getting used to, but I have since sanded down the first inch of the back of the knife, and my fingers are getting used to the thinner blade.
I sharpened and honed with some waterstones to change the edge angle to something that
i am more familiar with, and the ease in which the knife sharpened was very nice, and it’s now
scary sharp. I even like the patina it is developing. The 10 inch was great for deboning and carving the 22lb turkey, and I also really like the full length handle on the paring, as well as the raised handle compared to the blade, both problems with most other paring knives. Altogether, I would say that I am very happy with the knives. In ten or so years, when I once again need a new chef’s knife, I hope you will still be making them, and we can perhaps talk about a custom  order with a thicker blade, and perhaps a slightly longer handle to rebalance the knife.  I hope you had a good thanksgiving, and I will hand out your cards to the folks in the kitchen when they try to steal my knife.  Cheers, MC.

Michael, Just wanted to let you know that the knives arrived about two hours ago, and they are wonderful. Thanks so much! Hope you had a fine Thanksgiving – Carol

Hi,  The Santoku arrived yesterday. We’ve been using it all morning, and it is not only beautiful, but awesome to use in the kitchen !   Thank you!!!   Jen

Hi Michael,  The new knives are great and I love them; I bought a ceramic steel and a jiffy sharpener for them.  My old Sabatier chef’s knife just doesn’t have the balance that yours have.  I now buy various vegetables just for the fun of chopping them up.  Meanwhile, I have an old carbon paring knife (2″ blade) that needs a new handle, I tried to repair it with candle wax but not satisfactory.  Could you rehab it?  If so, then you could include some more new knives when you send it back.  I am thinking of ordering:  Santoku 7″  Boning or steak knife 6.5″ (what would be the difference?).  (I am looking for a slicing/chopping knife with a thin blade, maybe 1.5″).  I want to expand my “set” and what I now have are mostly short blades.
Also need another knife to give as a gift, not sure what it would be, something for my dad, a former jewelry maker who appreciates fine tools, but he is in his 90’s and not much strength or dexterity left in his hands.  What do you think?  Thanks for advice, Mari

Michael,  I’m writing to tell you that I absolutely love the knife. Its amazing. I think I’m ready to have you make me a chef’s knife. I’d like it to be a 9-10″ blade with the handle you put on my 6″ knife. Details are below for the previous handle, the only change I’d like to  make is to add 1/16-1/8″ to the width of the widest point. I know you said that it would probably be too  thick, but I find myself just wanting more heft from the handle.  As for the profile of the blade, I would like it to similarly match the profile of a ( me) blankety blank.  As far as the handle wood goes, let me know what you have that can accommodate a handle that thick. I’d be willing to go with a stabilized ash handle if it will work.  Look forward to hearing back from you!   John. 2011

From MML

2/2011 ~~ This just in from ‘Chef Talk’- HERE  Made these pieces at end of 2010. Thanx- Bellybones


The knives arrived a couple of days ago.   Absolutely gorgeous and they work like a dream.   Thank you very much!   I’ll put an order in for a fork and slicer set and maybe a cleaver in a few weeks. I have to tell you. …   In a world of magnificent technology it’s wonderful to know that the handcrafted with a personal touch still exists and still rivals technology.

Thank you again &

Take care


What I made for Michael, above:

1″ x 4″ kitchen knife & 7″ Santoku Both pieces are constructed with 4 bolster spacers .This set has stainless steel bolsters with nickel/silver hidden rivet/pins. Below the bolsters are a pair of black/white spacers, then a piece of stabilized green dyed Box Elder Burl wood, and then a piece of brass.Black Walnut Wood fills out the rest of the handle. This wood was slab-harvested in Arizona in 1980 from a very old stump. Spacers were high speed finished with wax, and the wood was given a coat of Bull’s Eye Shellac, which was lightly sanded with 000 steel wool, and then a couple coats of wax/oil finish was applied and allowed to soak in.

I already own a couple of Michaels knives, including the Arkansas ‘Toothpick” and the Thai Cleaver.  They are my favorites, and I do have plenty of fine knives.  They sharpen easily and take a razor’s edge.  Looking forward to this one which I plan on using as a ‘utility’ knife.

You guys are great…………….


Michael –

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the knife you made for my Dad was perfect, my Dad cannot stop talking about it, he loves the quality and feel.  He said it works great to skin a whole salmon in one swipe and makes his daily prep work a breeze.

Below- 12″ x 2.5″ x 3/32″ kitchen knife for Mr. DiP…

I sincerely appreciate it and just wanted you to know it was well received.
Best wishes for the New Year, DiP…

M – I put it through the mill the last few days…. cut up 30 whole birds yesterday … knock it on the ground twice…. used it as line knife during surface …

Had to regrind tip (from one cooks knocking to floor)

Have done everything with it!

It has performed superbly

Chef  ‘Wild’ Bill Hawkins

The Bluebird
Local. Natural. Pure.

202 W.Main St.
Stanford, Kentucky
hawkins used knives
10x santoku hickory 5 64

Michael, (May 2012) – from a Brooklyn chef

“I’ve just received the knives, absolutely exactly what I was looking for.  This is a big cooking weekend for me, I am now looking forward to prep!

Thank you.   Adante

Michael, Thank you so much for the wonderful knives.  They came out better than I imagined.  I love the belly of the blade and the convex edges.  The construction of the handles are flawless.  Your craftsmanship is unparalleled.  Been cooking up a storm.  Thanks again.  Jake

Meanwhile in Dublin:
Hello Michael,
My order arrived today. I am thrilled with it all. The carving knife is something I can’t wait to use.
An excuse for roast lamb this Sunday I think.
This whole process has been great and I suspect that I’ll be back to you before too long with the
next order!
All the best to you and yours,

Just in from Kent, England

Geoff ordered an 8″ x 2.5″ and I sent to G.B., and he was so pleased I made him a 1″ x 4″ kitchen knife – here is his feedback.

Hi Michael Moses, I am pleased to announce that my new knife arrived today in super quick time. It slipped into the country without drawing the attention of Her Majesty’s Customs and so I had nothing extra to pay. Once again you have a  happy customer.

I don’t know how many more knives I shall need myself but I shall sing your praises to anyone who might have need of your unique  wares. Many thanks. Take care.     Geoff W.

From Gray in Alabama, who bought a 2.5″ x 8″ Thai Cleaver ~ January 2013 ~

“Michael, what a beautiful blade!  You are a true craftsman.  I’ve been chopping things that don’t need chopping, just for fun…”

Just in from Auckland, N.Z. – 2/6/2013


You and your team are superstars ! The knives arrived, in stunning shape.

They will, I am certain, give great pleasure and service for decades to come to my daughter and I.

You can expect more orders from NZ. I hope (like from anyone who happens to wander through my kitchen with their eyes open !)

Cheers and admiration.


He ordered three pieces, two of which are shown to the left;
Top is 6″ x 2.5″ and bottom is 7″ x 1.5″.

The third piece was a 1″ x 4″. Wood shown is quilted hard rock maple.

Michael Apologies for delay in this – I have been away – but your knives arrived safely. Again, they are brilliant examples of your skill and we look forward to looking after them for many, many years. In due course, no doubt, you will hear from us again, as my daughters expand their ‘batterie de cuisine’. In the meantime, all the best to you and yours, for all the best you have given me and mine. Cheers, Julian

Note: I made over 130 steak knives and a 12″ Boning knife for Chef Pynt to be used in his award winning restaurant.

Commission for Burnt Ends  / Restaurant Andre of Singapore – summer 2013

Feedback just in as of 9/8/2013
Hi Michael,  Sorry for the delay in this email.  We have received your beautiful knives and they are being well used and enjoyed by our customers.  I would like to say a big thank you for them and also the knife you made for me and I look forward to the time I need to order more.  I have also passed your name on to others that have enquired and I hope it translates into sales for you.

All the best , Dave Pynt
Burnt Ends Sg
20 Teck Lim Rd
Singapore, 088391
+65 6224 3933

Below: 12″ x 2.5″ x 3/32″ Boning Knife, Palm Wood handle,
double brass, carbon steel, brass bolsters.


Hey Michael,

I received the knife. It is perfect ! I love how it turned out. I actually couldn’t wait to give it to him, so he opened it already. And of course he loves it too! Thank you so much for everything. I know I’ll be coming back to you for future gifts!

Take care,   Lyndsy


Just took my new knife for a test drive….excellent!!  It is light,  balanced perfectly, all that I expected and hoped for.  Thank you so much for your craftsmanship,  I will strive to emulate it in my own work.

Regards, Patrick L.


The cutlery arrived today and they are beautiful. I am going to get some wax/oil for them along with the simple edging tools you described on your site and include them with each knife! They will be well received, I know. Mike W.

Michael Moses,
You are such a craftsman and your website is great.
It really conveys your attention to detail and your craft.  It’s all perfect.  JZ


The knife arrived safely.  What a thing of beauty it is.  Form follows function. I am very happy to have it.  I have not yet used it, but have people coming
over for dinner so will start chopping and slicing tonight.  Some day I will order another one – a different style.  I will also tell everyone I know about you and your work.
Warm wishes,

Chefs knife made for Chef Alex in 2001. He sent me his knives made from stainless steel, all the way from
Germany, and copied them. The one above is 10″ x 2″ with Cocobolo wood handle and is used daily.
shiin 2001 blade

The knives arrived a couple of days ago.   Absolutely gorgeous and they work like a dream.   Thank you very much!   I’ll put an order in for a fork and slicer set and maybe a cleaver in a few weeks. I have to tell you. …   In a world of magnificent technology it’s wonderful to know that the handcrafted with a personal touch still exists and still rivals technology.

Thank you again , T

Hello Michael, I received my knife today and I must say I’m very, very pleased! 20 years ago I had a friend who belonged to the knife makers guild who made me several knives over the years. He’s retired and living in Florida now and he doesn’t make knives anymore. I wasn’t sure if I would ever get a knife with that level of craftsmanship ever again. But now I have! This chef’s knife is beautiful, thank you.
I may have more work coming your way. My son is getting married in October and I may buy them a set of your handmade kitchen knives as a gift. Thanks again so much

5/12/2014   ~ Hi Michael,

I’ve been using your knife for a week and couldn’t be happier.  It fits my hand perfectly, and I love the classic blade profile.  The Black Walnut you chose for the handle is exquisite, and the spacers and bolster complement it superbly.  It slices cleanly through vegetables and meat, and minces garlic, onions, and herbs in seconds.  Your expertise as a master blade smith really shows through in the temper and grind of the blade.  It has a wonderful convex grind.  The blade passes through food effortlessly without sticking, and the edge hones easily with a few passes on my ceramic steel.  I like forcing a patina on my new carbon steel knives, and the 1084 colored beautifully.  Here are some pictures showing off your work.  Feel free to share them on your website.  Thanks again for your excellent customer service and craftsmanship.  I will definitively recommend Wildfire Cutlery to any cooking or knife enthusiast looking for superior carbon steel cutlery (especially at a bargain price).

May God bless you and your endeavors,     Adam Gonzalez

Wildfire mention in a clients book – 11/2014

Bee Wilson is a client of mine, who lives in Cambridge England. Bee wrote a wonderful bool entitled “Consider the Fork”: How Technology Transforms the Way We Cook and Eat where she actually gave me a thumbs up in her Notes section, part 2 (see attached jpg. Thank you Bee, along with Allegra McEvedy via her book for recommending me to you.

Bee’s review in the New Yorker –

Thanks Mike,  ( 03/2009 )

I’ll let you know when I receive it.  Your knives are of the highest quality and it is always a pleasure to do business   with you.   Best regards,   Joe

Also see Chow Hound for Wildfire Recommendation ( scroll down )

Hello Michael                   { 4/28/2008 } From our friend in the U.K.

Do you remember I ordered some knives from you a few years ago? I have a little story to tell you about one of them I have a circular lawn edged with bricks and the grass grows over  the bricks over time.  Your chef’s knife is perfect for cutting away the overgrowth. I finished the job of cutting the grass back and went in. After a day or two of not being able to find the knife I realised I must have left it in the garden.  I searched the garden but could not find it.  Eventually I gave up and accepted it was gone and even if I did find it it would be ruined. I was going to order another from you but you were having ‘a long
winter’s nap’ – I was devastated. I have a gardener and after she had been one day I went into the
garden to look at the work and there was the knife in the middle of a flower bed (it was winter so I could see it easily). It must have been in the ground about 9 to 12 months.  The blade was rusted and it looked very sad.  I took it in and cleaned it up as best as I could.  The handle cleaned up as good as new but the blade was badly pitted.  I have a wonderful chap locally who puts handles on old tools and I took it down to him to see what he would say.  He looked at it and said ‘what a wonderful knife’.  He put his disc  grinder on it and cleaned off the rust.  At that time he was repairing a very old axe.  He told me to watch.  He put his grinder against the axe and it sparked. He then did the same on my knife the sparks were exactly the same.  ‘This is a quality knife’ he said,
‘the same quality of steel as this axe’.  He asked me where it came from and we chatted and he was very impressed with the knife. I am now able to use it again.  I am so delighted.  Your knives are of remarkable quality and I love them. Thank you for the love you put into them.

Maureen from the U.K. ,
i’m soooooooooooooooo happy with my beautifully made and tenderly cared for filet knife!!! and it arrived in less than a week, too…
my dear sir,
you are a master at what you do and there are people out there that really appreciate your work.
thank you VERY much,
annette o.  May 6th , 2008

And your knives really are the best. Tim looked wistfully at one of his Sabatiers the other day (one he had to use because he doesn’t have a Wildfire that size/dimension) and said, “I sure wish I had a Wildfire like this one so I can use a superior knife…” He just loves your knives.

And so do I; when he lets me use them.  (You should see him when I clean them. He watches me like a hawk to make sure that I dry them RIGHT AWAY!)  Peaceful day, R from North Carolina  December 4, 2008

Michael –  I wonder if you read the article last week in the New Yorker. IU found it completely absurd that anyone would buy a kitchen knife for $450 and wait two years for it just because it cuts rope well.  I used to think that was the way to go and bought a few. When it did get dull, I felt like such a fool cause I had to give it to someone else to resharpen it. Don’t get me wrong, I can sharpen ( I am a professional sous chef )and may have been able to sharpen it- but I was afraid to. I can really relate to your style of knives. When my Wildfire knife gets dull, I just hone it a few times and get back to work. Thanks alot-  Collette from Miami

PS- I can send you a copy of the article if you like. C  Dec. 4th, 2008

Thanks Michael! As always, I am anxious to see your work. It is always beautiful. Your knives are always the knives of choice in our kitchen- the henckels and wusthofs never leave the block anymore. You have spoiled us. Best wishes, Karen   December 6th, 2008

From Brad In Alaska who bought a 1.5 x 7 , a 1 x 4 and a 7 x 2.5 — 4/24/2009

I received the knives today and they are beautiful.  The balance and weight of the chef’s knives are just right.   The 1.5X7 chefs has the look and feel of a classic Sabatier and I’m guessing will become my workhorse.  Thanks again.

Hi there,
You sold me a knife back in March and I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the work.
I liked the look of it right away but I wanted for work with it for a while before gushing with cosmetic praise.
It really is, though, a particularly nice looking piece of cutlery.  I work in a open kitchen and it often catches peoples attention.
It does its job so very well.  Nice rocking motion, keeps its edge well, pleasant heft in the hand.  Nice Knife.
I like to do things the supposedly old fashioned way.  It is worth while in work to take your time and pay attention.
I greatly appreciate having a tool that reflects this philosophy both in its physicality and it craftsmanship.
Mike B.
Ottawa, Canada

Dec. 2009 from Texarcana
best piece of steel i have ever held in my hand; wonderful work of art   thanks and happy new year, dick w.

From London – Dec- 2009

Hi Michael
Just to let you know I received the package about half an hour ago.  There was a slight delay because of  a customs payment. The knives are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.  The wood you’ve used is such a gorgeous colour and the blade is just so sleek and SO sharp.  I can’t wait to see my friend’s face when he opens it and it’ll be a big surprise for my husband too as he covets them.   Thank you thank you thank you.  And Happy Holidays , Susanne x  , December 2009 from Mississippi

Michael – Received the knife…. AWESOME, as always!  Thank you for being so willing to work with me to get the wood we wanted.  You are so talented, and we are pleased to be able to enjoy your craftmanship. Thanks again!   Best wishes to you & yours, Karen

December- 2009 from Maryland

The package arrived today, along with the box from Georgia. When I opened, and carefully unwrapped the knives, I was more excited and in awe of your work than I expected.
Your precision and artistic talent are now part of my kitchen, and will allow me to enjoy every minute of using the results of your art.
You will be hearing from me for some time to come, and my name will be on future orders, for me and those I treasure.  Thanks, Michael. You are the artist and craftsman my cooking and entertaining has until now lacked.
Jim H

Hi,  The Santoku arrived yesterday. We’ve been using it all morning, and it is not only beautiful, but awesome to use in the kitchen!   Thank you!!!

Hi Michael – The knives came last week and are amazing! Cooked with them on Saturday night, smiled the entire time.  And get this. I would like to order one more, a 5 1/2″ x 2.5″ same handles as the others.  I think you made one for Dean & Deluca, but I do not see the option on your website.

Thanks so much, -j

Hi Michael

I just wanted to let you know I got the knife.  I love it! Love the shape, love the blade, love the wood!

It was just what I was envisioning. The wood came out awesome on the handle.

The burl pattern and colors are amazing!  I want to thank you for everything, and

I’ll be back to order again sometime soon..   Thanks again>..LB

Michael, I got the knife the day after Christmas and have been meaning to drop you a line. the knife is fantastic. I love the weight and the handle.  The guys at work are all jealous. I got to put it to use breaking down a #40 lamb and #60 pig for New Years Eve and the tip gets right in where you need it to. Hope to have many good years with the knife.  I would love to work with you again in the future. Thank you for your speedy turn around and great craftsmanship.

Happy New Year, Nate

Michael,   The package arrived today, along with the box from Georgia. When I opened, and carefully unwrapped the knives, I was more excited and in awe of your work than I expected. Your precision and artistic talent are now part of my kitchen, and will allow me to enjoy every minute of using the results of your art. You will be hearing from me for some time to come, and my name will be on future orders, for me and those I treasure. Thanks, Michael. You are the artist and craftsman my cooking and entertaining has until now lacked.   Jim

Dear Michael,       April 2007
As usual, I received my two new knives promptly two days ago, but haven’t written you about them until now. I wanted to have a chance to use them at least a little before writing.
I always seem to owe you more than I pay for, and this time is true to the rule. There seems always to be an intangible gift attached to my purchases. This time there were two of them. The first was the elegant look of both knives. You matched the wood  grain in the handles, and the two knives look as if made as a matched pair of tools. The second gift was the kitchen knife. I had been put off by their appearance in your catalogue, but already owning two of your knives, I had some sense of your own thoughtfulness. I realized I had to risk trying one. It’s amazing!

With Much Gratitude and Affection,
Malcolm L .

micheal,    Fall 2007,
thank you.  while slightly worried about the different shape to the blade,  after about an hour with it, i was happy.  it’s thinner than my 9″ wustof,  easy to go fast with, nicely balanced.  this is a beautiful tool.
the order process was great.  i appreciated both your advice and care in getting me the right tool.  all things considered, i have recommended you to two people who are also professionals, one in seattle, the other i work with here in portland.  My entire experience with you has been positive.
if you happened to be in portland in the next few months, you should come to the red star, make reservations with my name attached, and you should have a good time.
thank you,
Kevin, Summer 2006

Hello –

I received the sets of knives my father gave me as a gift for my birthday , last week ,  and I had to get back to you about them. They are amazing !! I now actually look forward to cooking again , and so now I am a big fan . They stay amazingly sharp and bright and feel so clean and comfortable in my hand . Again- you’re a true master .Chelsea C.

October 2007

Mr. Lishinsky – I am the chef that ordered the set of knives this past spring . I am not sure you remember me – I am the Chef at ———— .  At first , your request that was sent with the knives for feedback on them wasn’t paid much attention to . But I have so enjoyed using them in my home kitchen that I felt I had to write back asking for a Mezzaluna along with my sincerest compliments on your workmanship and quality .  They are definitely softer than stainless knives , but as you claimed, they are so easy to sharpen up . I get compliments on them all the time, and they now are on display in our kitchen  on a wall magnet. Is it possible to get the Mezzaluna with the same black ash wood the other came with , and the cost ??
Chef Peter D.
Las Vegas

{ I made a custom knife for this New Orleans chef in November 2007 and asked him for feedback. This was his second piece in a years time } -MML

Got the knife in the mail on Friday, oiled overnight and used on Saturday.  I am very pleased.  The shape of the blade is excellent and the larger handle is much more in line with the handles on most of my other chef knives.  In addition, the use of bay laurel (myrtle) on the handle just seems like such an appropriate wood for a chef.  It’s good to know that we (Bistro  Daisy  ) have some web presence as we are a very new restaurant (3 mos.) and are small and extremely low tech.  I will probably order a paring knife from you in the near future so you can expect to hear from me before too long. Thanks again, Anton

I made a custom Santoku with Black Ash handle for Chef Peggy .
“Hello,  this is Peggy, you built a santoku knife for me not too long ago.
I just wanted to email you and tell you that i love it, it couldn’t be more perfect. Its a beautiful piece of work. The fillet as well. These knives definitely attract some attention i would’nt be surprise if you get some more business from the Sedona  area.
Thanks again, i look forward to doing future business with you.
Peggyanne S. Fuller

Spring 2007  ,
I just got back to Alaska and found my new knife waiting for me.  It is perfect!  Thanks again.  It is great that you still make a
hand-made tool, and I think you could raise your prices.
Wishing continued success in your business,
Matthew M.

Summer 2007
Oh my goodness – that was fast!
And, as I suspected, the knife if gorgeous.
Thanks for the speed and artfulness, yet again!
Jenna Z.

Hello Michael

Below is on my Twitter page…
“If anyone is looking to buy custom carbon steel kitchen knives I’d suggest www.wildfirecutlery in Oregon – I have two, they are beauties!”

I help specialty food companies in Europe and North America to get distribution etc., and I just said it because I mean it, no other motive!

All the best,  Simon

The knives arrived today! They are wonderful– works of art as well as perfect kitchen tools. Thank you! Roy (9/23/2013)