Contact information for Wildfire Cutlery ~ Michael Moses Lishinsky

Contact Information

Posting my address, email and phone number has not worked out.
I get a ton of spam/viruses/malware/garbage if I publish my info, so I am now posting a simple form for you to contact me.

Please fill in form & captcha, and I will get back to you promptly. I never collect information regarding clients & their info.
We purge all systems regularly of all contact info.
Let me know if you want an email or a call back, by leaving me w/ your contact info and best times
to contact you when you can be in front of a computer. This really aids the design process.
Thanx 10XXXX

Phone # if you want a call back. Zip code for shipping cost info. Please describe piece{s} or let me know where a photo is on the web site that shows what you want. For example; steak knife page, top slider, third photo in.