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Contact Information


By e-mail
Best way to get a prompt reply for me, is to email, as I check it many times a day.

To get my shipping address in Oregon – email me ~ click here ⇒

By phone

If you would like to discuss knife design after doing the most basic look/see of my site, email me and send me your phone number, and I can call you, or if you ask I can send you my phone number. I tried publishing it and am tired of constant robo-callers. 

If you see something you like in a photo and may want it copied, try to send me the address of any photo or a description of what page the photo is on, or the actual photo itself. This can really aid in communication. I can let you know prices, timing and availability of materials.

When I call you back at a prearranged time, the client is usually in front of a computer so we can cruise around together, which makes communication much easier. I always follow up with an e-mail reviewing what we talked about. I do this a lot, enjoy it and will gladly reply quickly. 

Wire transfers
Contact me for banking information.

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