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Contact Information

If you see something you like in a photo and may want me to copy it for you, you’ll want to know options and cost.

Most folks look around my slide shows (or sliders) , at the photos and descriptions, and then want to know more like; cost, timing, materials, etc.
Best business practice I have found, is to send me, by email the address of any photo, or the actual photo itself, before calling.
Just click on any photo to enlarge it, and copy paste web address at the top.

Screen capture always works to copy an open screen, as well. PhotoScape is free and has this feature.
You can click on any photo, then copy paste the web address into an email and send it to me, describing

your interest and questions.
This ‘visual’ step can really aid in communication between us, as we will both be ‘on the same page’.
It saves you a lot of time. This way you can avoid having to absorb a lot of irrelevant information from my site.
I can then let you know prices, timing and availability of materials, etc., usually with a reply, the same day.

By e-mail – best, fastest way.
Best way to get a prompt reply from me is to email, as I check it many times a day
and will always reply promptly and fully ⇒ [email protected]
Email is perfect when we ping-pong about the design for your knives, as we can always refer back.
Attach any photos if you like.

If you want to talk by phone, then please be in front of a computer when this happens, so we can cruise around my web site together.
This makes communication so much easier as we will literally ‘be on the same page”. I can call you if you send me your number.
You can send a prearranged time good for you or just ask me to call you whenever.

I always follow up with an e-mail to you, after we finish on the phone, reviewing what we talked about.
Please do not hesitate to connect with me by phone as I do this a lot, enjoy the process and will gladly reply in a timely manner!

Shipping address – please email or call me for shipping address.
My address ⇒ is NOT710 Iowa , despite what google says. 

By phone/skype – call 541-708-3138 (generic voice mail of female British voice), if you would like to discuss knife design after doing the most basic look/see of my site. Skype is by computer, so if I do not answer leave a message.

Wire transfers
Contact me for banking information.

E-check using Pay Pal – account name is [email protected]

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