Kiritsuke & Sujihiki kitchen knives ~ Carbon steel

The Kiritsuke & Sujihiki

Current prices shown below, are only for my most popular sellers. There are simply to many custom sizes to list here by price, so if you would like a size not listed below, then please ⇒ CLICK HERE ⇐ and send me the details. I will be happy to send back a quote, pronto.
Please include your zip code if you care to, for exact cost to ship the item to you via USPS Priority shipping.
All prices below are kitchen knives made with carbon steel, with brass bolsters and your choice of any hardwood I have in stock.

⇒ See wood choices page HERE ⇐
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Kiritsuke prices
All are made with 1/16″ thick 1084
carbon steel (thickness of a dime) – all are 2.5” wide
9” long – $ 145
10″ – $ 153

Sujihiki prices
10″ x 2″ = $ 146
*12″ x 2″ – $ 183
*Made with 3/32″ 1095 tool steel, which is included in the price.

Middle piece ~ 12" x 2" Kiritsuke ~ See home page for complete set description - Carbon steel, sterling silver bolsters, then 3000 year old Bog Oak, sterling silver spacer, Malachite, sterling silver spacer, Cocobolo.
Image is not available
Set -7" Kiritsuke, 1"x5",Paring. Walnut wood, 400 years old.
Yew wood, cocob/sterl spacers, Kiritsuke,1" x 4".
Kiritsuke, 9", red spacer, English walnut
Kiritsuke set, 8" x 2", 6" x 1.5" , Walnut.
Sujihiki, 12" x 1.5" , Claro walnut


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